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The summer started off with such promise.  After several months of planning, design, name changes, stat tracking, and of course memorable loops around golf courses, I finally starting posting to this blog in June.  I enjoyed the process, the posts were receiving great comments and responses, and in just nine weeks I had shared with the world ten of my most recent rounds of golf.  There was even a guest post from a dear friend.

All was well with Multiple Non Winner’s rookie season.

Then nothing.  Three months later, I have offered absolutely nothing in this space.  And it’s not because I haven’t played golf – oh no, I’ve played some golf.

I played three fantastic courses in June in Myrtle Beach: The Dunes Golf & Beach Club, Tidewater, and the Golden Bear’s Long Bay Club.  (I played the final 12 holes at Long Bay with a broken toe, after taking a line drive shank to my left pinky from 30 yards from a player in my own group.)

I had an incredible match with Mike at Westfields that turned into our own Duel in the Sun on the back nine.  I chip in on No. 13 for birdie, he almost holes out for eagle on No. 14.  It was intense.  No, we did not embrace post-round a la Jack and Tom.

I even returned to Oakmont in an effort to erase the embarrassment of my first visit in 2011.  Wait until you read about this time around…  (Stop rolling your eyes.)

And then, I shook hands with the Mighty Arnold Palmer after a round with Dave at Latrobe Country Club, and then witnessed the man (Palmer, not Dave) receive the Congressional Gold Medal a few weeks later in the Capitol Rotunda.  God bless America.

A view of history from my seat.


The point is I simply have not been very good at keeping this blog current, and I apologize to all seven of you.  My first several posts were about rounds from the previous year and my intention was to get to the point where I would walk off the golf course, fire up the laptop, punch out a highly entertaining blog post, and send it out to all the world in a matter of a few hours.  Yeah, that was the plan.  Apparently I am not that kind of writer.  I need a bit more time.  It’s taken me an hour just to write this special holiday message.

More posts are on the way and I hope you’ll come back to read them over the next few months.  Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for reading.


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Multiple Non Winner will be teeing off shortly.



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